What is Anxiety? How can you deal with it Effectively?


With the high-paced lifestyle, we make our minds run into errands non-stop which turns out sometimes stressful. The practice of overthinking, living in the future more than the present, and having uneasiness even when something is not wrong, are common symptoms of anxiety.

Everyone has moderate levels of anxiety in life but when you cannot stop thinking, worrying to the extent where you are sweating and feeling afraid is what you call anxiety disorder. Ahead in this blog, we will discuss what is anxiety, effective methods that can help you cope with it, and a lot more.

What is Anxiety?

The feeling of fear, uneasiness, and dread in a stressful situation is known as anxiety. The feeling of fear becomes evident with symptoms like sweating, increased heartbeat, and restlessness. In a tense situation, if you are feeling hard to deal with and end up with the above-mentioned symptoms, then you might be anxious.

While some people can become focused and have a boost in energy, others can become overwhelmed and frightened when they are suffering from anxiety disorders.

It is important to understand whether the anxiety feels regular or you have got a constant feeling of uneasiness and fear. If necessary, consult a psychologist after performing the self-analysis because the situation may worsen if left untreated.

5 Things To Do to Deal with Anxiety Effectively

Once you have understood the situation and accepted that you get anxious in certain situations, here are some ways to cope with it. If you think you can correct it in a short period of time, you might be wrong as you can identify patterns that trigger anxiety, opt for methods that can help in dealing with them but cannot literally mitigate it from your system.

1. Deep Breathing

Breathe, breathe, and breathe! It is the mantra to deal with anxiety. The best and begin to method to take control of the situation is to breathe. Deep breathing can help you analyze the situation and give you enough time to process it. Practice breathing in for 4 counts and continue doing it for 5 minutes. This practice can slow down your heart rate and eventually help you calm down.

2. Take a look at the thought process

Anxiety is a condition that often gets triggered due to certain thoughts and situations. Henceforth, must understand your thought process. Taking a while to introspect and observe your thought process can help you put an end to it, certainly. Cynical thinking can take over the mind really quickly and clearing them out isn’t an easy deal.

3. Opt for aromatherapy

For aromatherapy, you can pick essential oil, candles, or incense and natural scents. Scents like lavender, sandalwood, and chamomile are soothing in nature and help in relieving anxiety. Aromatherapy is believed to activate receptors in the brain and helps in easing anxiety.

4. Go for a walk or stretch out a little

Indulging yourself in physical movements can help in easing anxiety really well. Going for a walk or doing some outdoor activities can distract you from the feeling of uneasiness apparently allowing you some time to cope up with the situation. In addition, stretching out a little can boost your mood and calm your mind quickly.

5. Pen your thought

It is good to pen your thoughts to cut the clutter. When you write, anxiety seems less daunting. It not only helps in understanding the thoughts but allows you to cool down. Writing can help you vent it out and see what’s wrong with your thoughts.

Things Not to Do When You Are Feeling Anxious

As you have taken a look at what are things to do or ways to cope with anxiety, take a look at some not-to-dos as well.

● Don’t try to do it all as it will worsen the situation, so focus on one thing at a time.

● Don’t focus on your downfalls or things you cannot change, try to have acceptance for the things that didn’t work out in your life.

● Don’t always run from situations that trigger your anxiety, slowly try to get involved in situations to reduce the anxiety in the long run.

● Avoid self-pity talk or blaming yourself for the unsuccessful decisions of your life, stay good things to yourself, and count on the good things in life.

● Try not to get involved in intoxicating substances like cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs to get ease from anxiety as all these things will eventually lead to poor mental health.

Regardless of the fact that anxiety is becoming a part of our conversations, there is still a long way to go to understand it and help those who are anxious. It is good to develop a habit of journaling, breathing, meditating, exercising, and to practice self-care as these things can help in relieving and reducing anxiety in the long run.

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