Top best 10 Sports and Activities burning maximum Calories

When we decide to go out and burn a few calories, time is usually at a premium. Nobody wants to go out and exercise if it is not going to be fruitful in their weight loss journey. What people do look for our sports and activities that can burn calories quickly and efficiently. These activities can be enjoyed on some level by most anyone, although consulting your doctor before starting any new recreational activity is a good idea. Most people can enjoy all of these with modifications at least.

Here are 10 sports and recreational activities that will aid you in your weight loss journey by burning efficient calories:


Regardless of whether you go out ice-skating or rollerskating, you’re going to burn some serious calories. An added benefit to ice-skating and rollerskating is that you will not get the joint problems that come along with any running program. It works out your legs as well as your bottom in a major way and it also tones other areas of the body as well.

One hour of skating should burn close to 500 calories.


This sport has continued to gain in popularity over the years and it is in large part due to the fact that it gives you a complete workout. During one racquetball session, you will work out virtually every muscle in your body while at the same time getting a full cardio workout. This dual threat sport can be played by the young and old alike. It is absolutely vital, however, that you check with your doctor first and stretch extensively before participating.

One hour on the racquetball court will burn 600 calories.


Like racquetball, basketball is a nonstop, high-impact, all over body workout. Fortunately, the intensity levels can be adjusted to fit people of any health profile. Because you are moving, stretching, reaching and jumping throughout the game, basketball will burn calories and tone your body fairly rapidly.

One hour on the basketball court with moderate activity will burn around 575 calories.


Cycling is a great workout that puts less stress on your body. Because you are not bearing your own weight, it tends to be viewed as less strenuous by those that are not familiar. The truth is, cycling can burn more calories than many of the other sports that appear to be more strenuous. Depending on how fast you pedal, going uphill or downhill and your own personal workout plan, cycling is at or near the top of calorie burning activities.

Cycling for an hour at a strong speed with hills can burn as much as 800 calories.


Although it is not exactly considered a sport, dancing can burn insane amounts of calories. You probably are not going to burn very many calories from slow dancing, but dancing the jig, hip-hop, swing, foxtrot, salsa, two-step and countless others will do the trick nicely.

Dancing an up-tempo dance for an hour can burn about 325 calories.


Swimming is an outstanding way for anyone to get back into shape without risking nearly as much. Injuries in swimming are far less common, making the sport a very common one for the older crowd. Still, even the younger crowd can benefit greatly from taking up a swimming regiment. For the time spent swimming, calories burned are rather advanced.

An hour of swimming can easily burn 600 calories or more depending on activity level and swimming style.


If you are healthy enough to do so, jogging is one of the most powerful calorie burners you can do. There are so many variables that have to be considered when you are coming up with a jogging program. Because of this, running is not a sport that everyone will enjoy. Most people of all health profiles can jog on some level. This is definitely one that needs plenty of stretching and your doctor’s blessings.

An hour of jogging at a quick pace can burn nearly 1000 calories.


When it comes to having a good time, a good game of tennis between friends is tough to beat. Playing tennis has the added benefits of working you out from head to toe, as well as cardio. Who knew that hitting a little yellow ball back and forth could be so good for us? Doctors across the country swear by it, so give it a shot!

An hour-long tennis match will burn upwards of 600 cals.


Lifting weights have been a popular way of building muscle and toning up for years. People do not realize that it is also a powerful calorie burning activity. If you like to pump iron, there are certainly plenty of reasons to do so. Get on a safe Regiment and be sure to get clearance from your physician.

A good hour-long workout in the weight room can burn upwards of 500 calories.


You will have to leave the golf cart at the clubhouse to get the maximum calorie burning effects, but golfing can be one fantastic workout. The combination of walking, stretching, twisting and reaching for that little white ball can burn large amounts of calories over the course of 18 holes. In fact, golfing keeps you flexible as you age as well.

One hour of walking and carrying your clubs on the golf course can burn up to 500 calories.

All of these outstanding sports and recreational activities are excellent ways to burn your calories. One of the best methods to stay on a Regiment is to mix it all up. One day you can head out to the golf course and the next you might shoot some hoops. The variations are the key to sticking to it. Try some of these outstanding workouts today!


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