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Foods that serve as sexual aphrodisiacs are rather interesting. In some cases, the attraction build is psychological, other times visual. Some foods actually can provide an increase in blood flow to the genitals and help to set the mood in a more direct way. The great thing is, it really doesn’t matter why foods turn us on. The important thing is that they can and do. Whether you are turned on by the look, smell or even the feel of these foods is a bonus to the properties that are often found inside. Most of these foods contribute something to the inner workings of our bodies and help us to perform better sexually. Here are five foods that light our fires, be it through sight, smell, feel or our taste buds:

1. Oysters

Pretty much everyone knows that oysters are supposed to be good for our libido and some folks swear that they help with sexual performance. While some of these claims are almost certainly untrue scientifically, oysters are certainly a powerful aphrodisiac for some people. So what makes oysters so sexy and powerful for us? The main thing is that they contain high levels of zinc. That is said to boost libido and increase sperm production. Many consider the feel of raw oysters in their mouths is sexual in and of itself. Despite the wild stories associated with raw oysters and sexual performance, this is one food that has a solid footing in the world of aphrodisiacs in history. Give them a try the next time you want to get in the mood.

2. Avocados

With avocados, the sensual draw is all in the way that they look. Avocados resemble a man’s testicles to some eyes and the food is visually appealing because of it. When you look at an avocado, you can easily find yourself feeling a warmth spreading through your body. The soft and dreamy feel of the avocado is sensual as well. Few foods have flesh that is as soft and comforting as avocado. Eating avocado is a great experience and should be high on lovers’ lists of foods to try.

3. Bananas

While the banana can certainly be visually arousing, it is actually packing all kinds of things that contribute to it’s listing on the top seven aphrodisiac list. B vitamins and potassium are two very powerful goodies that help us to perform sexually either directly or indirectly. Bananas help get you in the mood in many different ways making them one of the most dynamic and flexible foods on this list. Bananas are great as additions or as primary choices for a food source. It also goes well with many romantic desserts, so keep that in mind as well.

4. Almonds

Going back many years to the days of the Romans, almonds have been considered sexually charged foods. The smell of fresh almonds is thought to turn on women sexually and is popular with many people as a smelling aphrodisiac as well. They also are loaded with Vitamins and fibers. This gives them a powerful aphrodisiac profile that is tough to beat. They help you in all ways if the legends are true. Just as an added bonus, almonds are supposed to be really good for your heart and the system that pumps your blood to all the important areas.

5. Honey

One only needs to look at honey to see the sensual side of it. The way it slowly moves up and down one’s finger and the wonderful taste is a powerful combination, no doubt. Honey is also a fine source of several goodies that contribute to hormones, estrogen, and other important things towards sexuality and even orgasm. The bottom line here is that honey is the ultimate aphrodisiac in the area of taste, and not far behind any other food in the other categories as well. For a particularly exciting honey experiment, lay out your lover on a clean surface and dribble honey down her body. Slowly lick the honey up and savor the taste as you gently remove it. The combination of flavors, visual cues, and stimulation you are providing her will almost certainly set the mood for the fun to come.

6. Chocolate

Everything about chocolate yells sex and it should be noted that it gets bonus points in the romance area as well. The chocolate smells great, tastes great, and represents love in the form of food. The rich texture is also incredible to feel in your hands and to rub all over your partner’s body. Chocolate kisses can follow and really amp up the excitement in the bedroom. Best of all is the fact that chocolate boosts those chemicals in your brain that produce pleasurable sensations. Sex is certainly about pleasure for both partners and chocolate is a food that plays no favorites…it is awesome to almost everyone.

7. Asparagus

Asparagus is one of those little foods that sneak onto the list but then blows the list up when you pay close attention. One thing that makes it popular as an aphrodisiac is that it is loaded with histamines that aid in reaching orgasm. Another thing is the visual look of the food in comparison to the male penis. What really sends the asparagus over the top is the fact that it is known as a “safe Spanish Fly” option. Spanish Fly was known as one of the most well-known supplements to ever hit the market and it was also known to be at least somewhat dangerous to take. Asparagus gives you a similar feeling without danger.

These are not the only foods out there that are considered aphrodisiacs. The truth is that any food can be a turn-on when used correctly. Foods can be included in sexual play as an addition to your warm-up or as a palette-enticing treat for the senses. All of these things are exciting and fun to try, so give them a shot the next time you want to light the fires in advance. Experiment with the foods and try new combinations. Sex can be fun if you incorporate a little bit of creativity into it. These foods are a perfect example of such excitement.

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