The Ultimate Guide to Drain Cleaning in Montreal by an Expert Plumbing Agency

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When was the last time you encountered a clogged kitchen or bathroom drain at your house? Don’t remember? If so, then go ahead with a preventative drain decongestion activity, before the situation worsens and goes out of control. If you’re residing in and around Montreal, and in its suburbs like Laval, North Shore, and South Shore, there’s a certified, licensed, and bonded plumber named “5 Star Drain” that offers all kinds of drain unclogging solutions in a 24/7 manner. You can always contact their professionals for any type of plumbing emergency at home. They’re always available on-call, and reach your premises to fix all minor or complex plumbing issues.

Why Does Clogging Happen in Drains?

It is mainly due to the blockage in the passage of water, which is caused by the accumulation of foreign objects like paper, plastic, food leftovers, tea leaves, oil, soap scum, grease, tampons, silt, and sometimes plant foliage like leaves and twigs if the drain runs in the outside of the house. In most homes, users unknowingly drop food particles and other small objects into the drain, hoping the water would flow away everything inside it. But, that’s not the case. Some bigger objects stick inside the drains, sewers, and gutters, thereby blocking the passage of free-flowing sewage water. This is how leakages are observed at the joints of water outlet pipes. This needs to be taken care of by an expert plumber in Montreal, or anywhere else.

How is Drain Clogging Detected?

When you call a certified Montreal plumber to your home for fixing the issue, they first look into the underlying cause of the problem. Thereafter, they insert a high-resolution drain inspection camera for exactly locating the place and extent of the blockage. This makes it easier for them to take precise action. A drain camera inspection is one of the most important aspects of any drain cleaning activity, as without such innovative and advanced plumbing technologies, it would take more time to resolve such issues, and not in a foolproof manner.

Ways of Cleaning a Drain or Sewer

Be it a drainage pipe, downspout, sewer or underground drain, it is cleared in a number of ways, depending upon the prevailing situation. First, the certified Montreal plumbing agency looks into the type of accumulation inside the drainage pipes of sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, for carrying out a specific action. It can be done through vacuuming, pressure cleaning, or by spraying a high force of water inside the pipes and drains. In the present times, all drain cleaning experts in Montreal and throughout Canada use powerful nozzle sprays that rotate in a 360-degree manner, and spray water with extreme force, thus clearing all kinds of blockages.

Why is an Emergency Drain Unclogging Required?

It is because such overflowing and leaking sewage pipes or drains can spread harmful bacteria and viruses inside the house, causing illness to infants, children, and elderly persons at home. Moreover, a leaking pipe, overflowing tub, or toilet backing up can cause a severe mess inside the house, especially in your basement, kitchen, and bathroom. Nobody wants such a situation to occur at their homes at any cost. This is exactly why the services of a certified plumber in Montreal are required to act on time and fix any such issues in a seamless and professional manner, yet in an affordable way.

Kitchen and Bathroom Drains are Usually Clogged

It is the outlet pipes in the kitchen and bathroom that leads into the main underground drainage system, which gets mostly affected due to heavy usage. Therefore, it is always suggested by plumbing experts to carry out regular checking and preventative maintenance of all your plumbing fittings, fixtures, and accessories, especially the drainage pipes that carry the wastewater into the sewer or drains. Any kind of small blockage can be detected early by a local plumber, and thereafter corrective measures are initiated on the spot. This can save you a lot of money if you had to go for complex plumbing repair work at home if the situation had worsened.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you’re faced with such an emergency plumbing situation at home or office, it is best advised to contact only a certified plumber in your vicinity that can identify the root cause of the problem, and fix it in a flawless manner, without any major wear & tear. As drain clogging is a very common issue in residences around the world, it needs immediate attention to save a home from unnecessary mess and clutter. Therefore, a licensed plumber with excellent customer reviews is the perfect choice for any drain unclogging task.







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