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When it comes to living healthy, it is very easy to become overwhelmed by all the fads and information that is available. It is also very easy to forget that minor lifestyle changes can have a major impact on your health and quality of life. The last thing you need is yet another fad diet that you won’t stick to. Instead, try some of the following ideas to get healthy and happy without turning your life upside down:

Carry a Water Bottle

It seems like such a simple fix, yet people never seem to make the commitment. Drinking water on a regular basis is the single most healthy thing you can do. Get a nice water bottle that keeps it cold and you will be good to go all day.

Eliminate Junk Food

Eating that candy bar seems like a great idea until you develop diabetes, a huge gut and matching muffin tops. If most of your meals are unhealthy and then you add junk food snacks to the mix, your odds are pretty bad of avoiding these pitfalls. Eliminate junk food and fast food to instantly boost your health.

Grow a Garden

A garden is not only a fantastic source of healthy vegetables and fruits. It is also a great form of exercise and serenity. There is something extremely calming about growing your own food. Perhaps it is because it puts you so close to the earth.

Cut Your Portions

Portions can make a huge difference in how healthy you are eating. If you are overweight, there is a better-than-average chance that you eat larger portions than is necessary. If so, cut your portion size in half. By doing this, you will be doubling the impact of your diet and learning to eat what is needed rather than what is wanted.

Start a Sport

Just about anyone can find a sport that they love if they are willing to try some new things. Whether it is golf, tennis, racquetball, baseball, lawn darts, football, badminton or swimming, there is a sport out there for everyone. Keep trying them on for size until you find one that fits your lifestyle.

Wear Sunscreen at All Times

With recent discoveries about skin cancer and the effect of the sun on our skin, not wearing sunscreen is not the brightest of ideas. Whether you are going out for an hour or five minutes, take the time to put some sunscreen on your skin. This also goes for cold winter days when the sun is out.

Ride Your Bike

Everyone loves to ride a bike and so will you! Invest in a nice mountain bike and ride it religiously every opportunity that you get. Riding a bike is a bit addictive but it is a healthy habit that you will not mind doing all the time.

Purchase a Juicer

If you have problems eating fruits or vegetables raw, purchasing the juicer could be a lifesaver. Many people that do not like eating vegetables and fruits raw do not mind drinking them. The best part about a juicer is that you can mix in your fruits and vegetables with other things that do taste excellent. It is a wonderful way to get the nutrients that you need quickly and easily.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies First

One of the best dieting secrets I was ever given was to eat my fruits and vegetables before I ate anything else. Often I would find that the fruits and vegetables would fill me up long before I thought about a second meat. Sometimes I would not even finish my protein at all.

Exercise during Your Favorite Television Program

Exercising while you are watching television is another genius way to be sure that you get your exercises in. The television show tends to distract you from how hard you are working and passes the time nicely. If you are not one to enjoy the burn that you gets from exercising, this is an excellent way to divert your attention.

Purchase Smaller Plates

Smaller plates might seem a bit desperate but it is psychologically effective for someone trying to cut their portion sizes. Putting the smaller portion on a giant plate makes absolutely no sense. The large plate will tell your mind that you are holding back food. A smaller plate will seem fuller and tell your mind that you got all you needed.

Buy an Occasional Massage

If you truly want to relax your body and your mind, you should see about spending a few bucks for a professional masseuse. There is no other feeling that compares to a nice deep-tissue massage after a long hard week. If you want to invest in your peace of mind and future health, the massage is worth every penny you spend.

Walk Everywhere You Can

Most people work close to home or at least have places they go on a regular basis that is near the Homestead. If you committed to walking every single time you go to the store, for example, you would then start to see immediate dividends in your health and waistline.

Take the Time to Read a Book

Most of us do a pretty decent job of keeping our bodies tuned up and healthy. What we ignore is often even more important… We have to keep our minds healthy as well. Although we do plenty of reading in our daily lives, there are few people out there that actually sit down and enjoy a good book on a regular basis. Add to that number by doing so yourself. Your brain will thank me.
These are just a handful of creative ways to enhance your life and bring about good health and happiness. What other ways can you think of to help us feel good about us?

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