Desk Exercises That Can Supplement Your Workout Schedule

Desk Exercises

When it comes to working out, some folks are more limited where time is concerned. Some people simply can’t dedicate enough time to working out. For those folks, finding unique ways to supplement their workout routines can offset the problem. Some folks walk to work or start taking the stairs, for example. If you are confined to a desk at work all day, what are you to do then?

Fortunately, there are many things you can do (under the radar, of course) while at your desk or in a cubicle. Here are some suggestions for supplementing your workout schedule even under such confined conditions:

Desk Push-ups

In theory, you could actually drop to the floor and pop off a few before the boss comes checking. Unfortunately, that is not a very safe way to go about things. If they suddenly appear, you would have a hard time explaining how you are still doing your job on the floor. Doing desk push-ups, however, is different. Can you make a phone call with a headset on while doing push-ups against the side of your desk? Of course.

Quick Instructions

To do a good desk push-up, you need to make sure you have a solid desk. Lean forward slightly and rest your hands shoulder-width apart against the desk in a front-leaning rest position. From this position and while keeping your back straight, crank out five or ten of these push-ups occasionally. They will add a caloric burn to your daily routine and help you to get ahead. Just be sure you can complete some menial office tasks while you are doing them in case you get caught. (Or learn your boss’s check-up routines)

Tummy Tightens

If you have an eagle-eyed boss, finding things to do can be extremely hard. Tummy tightens is the easiest and most conspicuous exercise you can do. They are also among the most effective over the course of a workday. You can literally do some work through this simple exercise.

Quick Instructions

Sit squarely in your chair (as you should always do) with arms back and good posture. While you go about your daily job, tighten and loosen your abs. Tighten them for a count of ten and then loosen them for a count of ten. Try to feel each muscle and be diligent that you focus on each one. Over time, you will get to where you can do this without even thinking about it. That makes this one of the best-hidden desk exercises out there.

Calf Raises

Although far more effective while standing, you can get some benefits by doing calf raises at your desk as well. The key is doing it on a regular basis and allowing your body to get a regular influx of movement. Calf raises are also very good exercises if you are constantly being watched. You can do them at your desk while continuing to do your job. Nobody will be the wiser.

Quick Instructions

Sitting at your desk, place a book or package of paper under the front half of your feet. Place your feet on the stack leaving the back half of your foot hanging off the side closest to you. Throughout the day, lift your heels up and lower them down below the stack to the floor. This repetitive motion throughout the course of the day can help tone your calves and keep you on track in your workouts.

If you can find time to do these beside your desk a few times a day without getting in trouble, you can double or triple the impact. The instructions are the same, but you do the exercise standing up. Your body weight will act as resistance and make the exercise truly effective.

Neck Exercises

Not all exercises are meant to burn calories and fat. Sometimes exercises are there to help you gain flexibility or stretching ability. If you have a desk job, neck exercises are a must. The best thing is you can keep on going and not miss a beat throughout the day.

Quick Instructions

The easiest method to exercise your neck is to simply sit with good posture and turn it one way and then the other for long, slow stretches. Then take the time to bend your head back and forward a time or two. You can do this from side to side and back to the front throughout the day. If you want to provide some resistance, you can hold your hand up on the side you are stretching towards to act as a resistance force. The same thing is effective for stretching your head backward and forwards.

Hand Crunches

Most everyone has seen these little hand exercisers that allow you to squeeze out tension. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be hard or super squishy depending on what you personally need. These tension grips or tension balls can make a huge stress difference if you keep them handy and use them as the day goes along. Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time can be tough if you don’t break it up with some kind of hand movement. This exercise is particularly helpful if you type for a living.

Torso Twists

Again, this is all about keeping flexibility. Torso twists are simply what they sound like…twisting your body so that the muscles in your sides and torso are loosened up. This is actually a pretty good exercise that is well-designed for office spaces that are small. All you need is about the same amount of room that a small office chair takes up.

Quick Instructions

Move to the front of your office chair and slowly reach your right arm towards your left-hand side. Try to reach for your back without pulling too tightly. The key is to just get a good stretch and not to pull a muscle. Repeat the same procedure with the left hand. Repeat as necessary. These are some desk exercises that can help you supplement your exercise routine, but there are certainly others out there. How do you keep your workout rolling while confined to a desk all day?
















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