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Social media networks have become as much a part of our lives as computers, which often stretches to other parts of our lives. One such example is when it comes to finding a job. What once was thought to be a hand-shake-only type of thing has now become digitally enhanced. Finding a job through social media has become a normal part of our lives for better or worse. Not only has found a job been enhanced by social media, it has also become a tool of sorts for hiring managers around the world.

When it comes to using social media for a job hunt, you should consider two things you should do and those that you shouldn’t. Both carry equal weight and potential to gain or lose you a job opportunity.

Here are ten tips that can help you out when you are ready to use social media in a job hunt:

Five Things You Should Do

1. Complete your profile

An incomplete profile is going to look unprofessional and does little to catch people’s eye. The whole idea behind social media is to bring people together with similar interests and connect folks that need connecting. If your profile doesn’t accurately portray your experience and desires, then how will people find you?

2. Use a professional avatar

A picture of your dog or some random hot chick is not going to do you any favors when you apply for that executive position upstairs. Professionals should make sure they have a professional brand online. Avatars should be a nice face shot or your logo.

3. Do friend or add people in your line of work

When it comes to making an impression, it is all about who sees you and notices you. If you are hoping your conversations, thoughts or ideas will get someone’s attention in your industry, they will have to know that you exist. Introduce yourself with a message and express interest in what they excel at. When job openings come open, they might think of you.

4. Do join in conversations about what you want to do

If you are “connected” through social media with someone high up in the company and you notice they are engaged in a conversation with a group, add your own intelligent thoughts on the subject. However, make sure you have something worthy to say, or you might just be remembered for the wrong reasons.

Do have your connections introduce you

When you look for a job, having a reference within the company or close to the person in charge is a big deal. Get to know the people in your work circle and find out who knows what. Find out if they are friends with people that would matter to you in your job search. Likewise, be that friend for them as well when called upon. This classic approach to networking is a proven way to improve your job.

Five Things You Should Never Do

1. Don’t talk about drugs or alcohol

Though it seems obvious, you would be shocked at how many “professionals” forget that these things are a simple Google search away. Anyone can see what you post and that includes your boss. That is something to keep in mind for all of the following examples to avoid.

2. Don’t speak ill of your current or former employers

Right or wrong, you will look horrible to anyone considering hiring you. Nobody wants to bring someone on board that is known to blast their employers in a public forum of any kind. Keep that stuff to yourself and talk with a spouse or trusted friend instead.

3. Don’t be overtly sexual or use the same account for dating

If you are using social media for dating or that sort of thing, use a different account. There is little to no reason to put that stuff out there for all to see. Bosses will find it disarming and it could end up causing you to miss an opportunity.

4. Don’t engage in drama or gossip

Again, it is a bad omen for a potential employer. Nobody wants gossip in their office. If you are in the middle of drama all over your professional social media page, that is not a good look for you with potential employers.

5. Don’t “recommend” strangers

If you are wanting to help someone out and you don’t know them well enough to recommend them, you can always introduce them instead. Introductions give you no responsibility if things go wrong. You simply make it clear to both parties that you are strangers but wanted to introduce them to one another. What happens from there is up to them.

Social media has certainly changed the landscape in recent years. Now, people can lose their job and gain a job all over the world wide web. If you plan to use social media in your next job hunt, make sure you follow these simple rules. They could save you a ton of headaches.




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